📝Profile & Reputation

TaskFi Protocol is designed for employers and workers to work together in an easy, safe, and secure manner. To serve this purpose, people need to know who they are working with. The Profile and Reputation, the first pillar of TaskFi architecture, will come into play.

A Profile is an identity within the Protocol. It contains a wallet address, name, and a unique username so people can find others easily. Most importantly, it has other crucial information related to work, including KYC information, work experiences, skills, education, and references, which can be represented as Soulbound tokens. The Reputation is built on the impression of this information and the interaction within the Protocol. The Protocol offers a gamification system to reward people with points, achievements, and other incentives. The Profile and Reputation are basically your résumé. Qualifications will be made available to the employer's eyes with little to no effort by just looking at this résumé.

The best thing about TaskFi Profile is privacy, with the help of Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP). The nature of blockchain is transparency, and sometimes, it comes with the cost of compromising privacy. ZKP allows users to prove facts without revealing the actual information. In the scope of TaskFi Protocol, these facts are indeed personal information from the Profile. Workers can prove they meet specific requirements from employers without making their personal information public on the blockchain.

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