🗂️Smart Work Contract & Payment

TaskFi's Smart Work Contract provides a better work process with different payment models: One-time payments, Milestone payments, and Flexible payments (coming Q1 2024).

It ensures a safe collaboration between employers and workers to avoid fraud and hassles while working.

It starts with a job offer. Employers could message someone they know or advertise a requirement for a particular job. TaskFi ensures workers are highly accessible by not enforcing any specific inquiry process.

The smart contract will accept the Employer, the Employee, and job details published as an IPFS document. Before both parties sign and deploy the contract, they must select a Judge who will step in when there are disputes.

Once everyone is happy and signs the contract, the work can start. Depending on the payment models, the contract will have different states.

One-time payments and milestone payments

The one-time payment model is milestone payments with one checkpoint only.

A work contract will have several milestones depending on the user agreement. Each milestone will have these states:

  • Default & Created: Initial

  • Started: Ready for the employee to submit

  • Submitted: Ready for the employer to accept/reject

  • Conflicted: Paused under dispute. One of the two parties called for conflict resolution.

  • Canceled: Canceled. No future action is available.

  • Completed: Ready for the employee to claim payment

  • Claimed: Payment already claimed

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